And here it goes, my living room in Mannheim, Germany release 1.01.

Living room

(Thanks to IKEA)


They want Yahoo. Some say they should go for SAP. I was thinking Adobe.

Its market cap is US$20.2 billion (half of Yahoo´s), its core business is much more similiar to Microsoft´s and last but not least, Adobe owns a virtual monopoly of the tools to build a much enriched web (including the web 2.n.n.n, videos, animations, 3D graphics etc). Adobe has just released its Adobe AIR and FLEX 3.0 platforms (in their site they even say FLEX is free and open source! How about that?). These tools bring real multimedia capabilities to the web, one thing that Google  text-mining obsessed culture seems  to hate  the most. But hey, do you really think the web will remain this dull all-text environment? I´m betting no.

So wouldn´t it be nice for Microsoft to control  the new tools for the new web? C´mon guys it´s a beautiful monopoly, isn´t it?