We are smarter than me

March 22, 2007

Wharton suprised me in its current issue of Knowledge@Wharton newsletter. Signaling that Consumer Generated Media has hit mainstream, they launched a crowdsourcing project to write a business book.

In their words:

The project, tentatively called We Are Smarter Than Me, is an experiment to see whether a large community of business people can jointly author a book of the same name.”

Later in this fall the book will be published by Pearson. Checking out their site I found out that they have already 3306 subscribers. I registered to investigate further and here what I found:

They are using a Wiki to edit the book, which I think it is pretty straightforward for most or all of the community members. You can also discuss the issues around the book on a forum as well.

Wrapping the whole initiative was the Community 2.0 Conference that was held last week, on March 12. They say they will be holding skypeconferences and all sorts of face-to-face interaction during the process.

Finally the site offers a tool to network with other people, but at this time the interface looks more like a set of discussion groups rather than a Linkedin-like tool.

All in all, I think we are going to see a lot more of this happening. Since Wharton is one of the big brands in business in the US it kinds of push the others to follow the lead.