Joost is taking off

February 27, 2007

New York Times has an article about Joost, the new venture from the Skype golden boys. They just signed with Viacom that owns MTV, Comedy Central and VH1 among other properties. Things are getting hot down in Luxembourg where they set up headquarters.


Think again:

1. The guy produced a movie about protecting the environment that inverleaves his personal history with data about global warming. So it´s like: part A: “I´m Al Gore, I always standed for the environment etc” part B:”The earth is warming up, here some scientific facts”. part C: “Hello again, I´m Al gore , my kid almost died when he was 6 etc. See how I am human like you. I suffered like you. Although I have plenty of money and rich friends.” And the loop goes on.

2. Yesterday he won 2 Oscars and of course he was there in L.A. to pick the prize. In the process he was broadcasted again to tens of millions of americans.

3. He swears that he is not running for president. Oh c´mon.

The Economist has also figured this out.

Picks of the day

February 20, 2007

How scientists should market themselves

(nothing new here, but at least it ends with “sharing is good”). I liked that.

Question: Do scientist have time to write blogs?

We are teaching the machine

February 17, 2007

Second part of this video is really cool. It defines web 2.0. The final text messages were what stroke me most.

No I don´t want to be cool and I am not buying the Netvibes hype. Even if they´ve got an article in the Economist and another in Wired. Why? Two simple arguments:

First, Google and Yahoo have already jumped into this space. Netvibes and other similar sites should have locked a bigger user base long before these 800-pound gorillas realized that there were eyeballs in this direction.

Second, what is Netvibes business model? Adsense revenue? Think again: each user does not come free, there are costs in bandwidth and storage space. These resources in big quantities cost a lot of money. So I wonder if the equation adsense money minus bandwidth and storage costs yields a positive value.

I am not saying that Mr. Krim (the french CEO of Netvibes) will fail. He may be lucky enough to sell his nice hyped site to one of the top portals, just like youtube did. It surely will pay off. The other option is to fade in the bubble 2.0.

Yahoo and Microsoft partnership  microactions

A Key Benefit of Vista

One good reason to consider an upgrade to Vista, Microsoft’s just-released upgrade to Windows: the default set of desktop wallpapers it ships with include several from Flickr members. Long Zheng has a blog post with some examples, and Microsoft’s Raymond Chen has more details.

(from the Flickr blog)