Roomba is here

March 4, 2008

For like 5 years or more I was waiting for the day where I finally would benefit from AI in my place. So now besides Google I have the second most useful gadget AI can give: presenting my roomba (though I am thinking of rebaptizing him as Leo or Roy or even Marcio).



And here it goes, my living room in Mannheim, Germany release 1.01.

Living room

(Thanks to IKEA)

Woody Allen Jazz Band

December 29, 2007

This is really something worth mentioning: walking on Christmas day in Chatelet, Paris I stumbled upon this show:


I got in and actually bought a ticket to see Mr. Allen. The show was funny, original and kind of ´home made´. The band was awsome and Woody spoke very few and only in French. It is such a feeling to see LIVE a guy that you´ve been admiring for almost 20 years. Way to go Woody, I am dying to see your next movie AND your next show. :o)

from Seth Godin new book:

“A bootstrapper is determined to build a business that pays for itself every day. (…) it´s easiest to define her by what she is not: a money-raising bureaucrat who specializes in using other people´s money to take big risks in growing a business.”

 Yeah! rock it!

A MUST read for anybody that wants to leave the dull public job or the yellow-grey corporate cublicle and go start-up.

According to the Economist:

“One of Nokia’s in-house anthropologists, Jan Chipchase, recently investigated how people carry their phones, for example. He and his colleagues carried out street-level surveys in 11 cities on four continents. They found that 60% of men carried their phones in their trouser pockets, whereas 61% of women carried their phones in handbags. (The difficulty of finding a mobile phone in a cluttered handbag meant that half of women reported missing calls as a result.)”

Great news from Microsoft today midnight. Microsoft Surface is launching. And everybody is already talking about it.

I asked this guy, to ask Microsoft the following: Do they plan to version the device, say to turn the table on a TV (for IPTV for example) or playing games? I am imagining something that I could spin, then I could either have a table, a displaying for photos or a game console (for I suppose it will be browser compatible and X-Box compatible).

Let´s hope I hear from them…

Fact of the day

May 11, 2007

There are about 300,000 people who speak Luxembourgish worldwide.


Think again:

1. The guy produced a movie about protecting the environment that inverleaves his personal history with data about global warming. So it´s like: part A: “I´m Al Gore, I always standed for the environment etc” part B:”The earth is warming up, here some scientific facts”. part C: “Hello again, I´m Al gore , my kid almost died when he was 6 etc. See how I am human like you. I suffered like you. Although I have plenty of money and rich friends.” And the loop goes on.

2. Yesterday he won 2 Oscars and of course he was there in L.A. to pick the prize. In the process he was broadcasted again to tens of millions of americans.

3. He swears that he is not running for president. Oh c´mon.

The Economist has also figured this out.

Everything´s gone green

January 31, 2007

So my first posting in 2007. It´s been ages since I wrote here. And as my PhD deadline approaches, posting may become even more seldom. Well let´s talk about good things.

One of my favourite North American authors is Douglas Coupland. I just found a link for one of his rare appearances on TV (at least they´re rare for me) and the trailer of his first ever movie called Everything´s gone green. I like him because he is just a few years older than me and he seemed to be exposed to lots of stuff that I sort of did too. And more impotantly he writes about that, which I don´t. There is this piece in his interview where he apparently does a performance. Dressed on a grey suit, he goes to the center of a blank scenario and picks out of his pocekt a black rag shaped as a circle. He places the rag on the floor and expects something to happen. I think someone old enough might remember the cartoon where bugs bunny did just like that. The rabbit disappeared through that rag, which turned into a hole.

Now not long ago I found out two small coincidences that I think it might be worth mentioning here. I started readingPaul Auster´s “New York Trilogy” and I found that the main character of the first story whose name is Quinn calls himself “Paul Auster” when he answers the phone a couple of times and someone insists to speak to some Paul Auster. So I thought, who else featured himself in his own book? Coupland did. In his latest novel he appears as Coupland the author. Just like the Quinn character is also a mistery novel writer in “New York Trilogy”. And the second small thing I found out: Paul Auster´s first story title is “City of Glass”, which again strikes me as being a non-fiction book by Douglas. So I suspect he is a big fan…

Coupland’s interview is here.

And Everything´s gone green trailer is here.

François Pinault, which among many other things owns Gucci, is trying to buy Suez, France Energy Company (here the news in French). This reminds me that it is not a coincidence that german magazine “Der Spiegel” has also runned an article about how financial conglomerates are taking over many things in Germany as well. I wonder if we already live in a world of capitalist-kings, where everything we do depends on a handful of men and women absurdly rich, but not necessarily wise. The World Owners group.

François Pinault