On Sunday Force.com will be released as a platform to build entire web applications from scratch using Salesforce.com infrastructure. They are calling it PaaS (Platform as a service). They write “With the Force.com platform, you can build any application, any database, any logic, and run it all on demand on our trusted, secure infrastructure.” Force.com comes with Visualforce, which they promise gives the developer the possibility to create quickly great Ajax-based user interfaces on top of their applications.

Force.com gives freely Force.com cookbook, which I think it´s worth a quick read: Wow, it integrates with the Eclipse Platform! So you create your applications confortably offline and then zap, upload it to Force.com. The text has some inprecisions (calling the MDC pattern a paradigm for instance), but all in all is a good start. I bet they will improve that when people start using the thing.

Remeber Java? If this catches on, Salesforce.com may be the epicentrum of a movement for a new generation of small software companies from Pakistan, Brazil, Bulgary, South Africa and wherever there is internet to develop and market their software through a reliable world wide brand. Force.com has the potential to become the first marketplace ever of reusable software components, applications and mash-ups. Tapping in a huge, huge money pod.

We will see…


Fantastic documentary from BBC 4 about four great mathematicians with tragic lives: Dangerous knowledge.