Roomba is here

March 4, 2008

For like 5 years or more I was waiting for the day where I finally would benefit from AI in my place. So now besides Google I have the second most useful gadget AI can give: presenting my roomba (though I am thinking of rebaptizing him as Leo or Roy or even Marcio).



Singularity is near

December 9, 2007

Singularity, the moment where artificial intelligence will start to design itself, is sending signs. Economist reports:

“Perhaps the most cunning use of an evolutionary algorithm, though, is by Dr Koza himself. His team at Stanford developed a Wi-Fi antenna for a client who did not want to pay a patent-licence fee to Cisco Systems. The team fed the algorithm as much data as they could from the Cisco patent and told the software to design around it. It succeeded in doing so. The result is a design that does not infringe Cisco’s patent—and is more efficient to boot. A century and a half after Darwin suggested natural selection as the mechanism of evolution, engineers have proved him right once again.”

Oh boy…

(see the full article if you want here)