Woody Allen Jazz Band

December 29, 2007

This is really something worth mentioning: walking on Christmas day in Chatelet, Paris I stumbled upon this show:


I got in and actually bought a ticket to see Mr. Allen. The show was funny, original and kind of ´home made´. The band was awsome and Woody spoke very few and only in French. It is such a feeling to see LIVE a guy that you´ve been admiring for almost 20 years. Way to go Woody, I am dying to see your next movie AND your next show. :o)


I know that Apple will copy that. So will Microsoft and Creative Labs and virtually everybody in the business of mp3 players. In case you haven´t read it yet, NYT reported a few days ago the new Sansa. A cool mp3 player that comes with an antenna to suck all the songs you want from Yahoo radio stations via wi-fi. Isn´t that awsome? And more: you can view your photos stored on Yahoo Flickr.

The only twist is that you cannot keep the songs if you stop paying your monthly fee. Also there are problems of accessing the songs: there is no built in search and the only option the user has is to browse via Yahoo menus that do not offer a lot of stuff. Too bad. But it still something very innovative and I bet there will be a lot of people looking forward to it.

Awsome music for Sundays

October 15, 2006

French Nouvelle Vague is pretty much a cover band that does a great job recording songs from what it seems a total random selection: Dead Kennedy´s, Madonna, Joy Division and more. My favorite clips are Eisbär (on the global warming) and Dance with me. If you like cool/slow music with a sixties touch you are going to love it.