Al Gore is not running for president

February 26, 2007


Think again:

1. The guy produced a movie about protecting the environment that inverleaves his personal history with data about global warming. So it´s like: part A: “I´m Al Gore, I always standed for the environment etc” part B:”The earth is warming up, here some scientific facts”. part C: “Hello again, I´m Al gore , my kid almost died when he was 6 etc. See how I am human like you. I suffered like you. Although I have plenty of money and rich friends.” And the loop goes on.

2. Yesterday he won 2 Oscars and of course he was there in L.A. to pick the prize. In the process he was broadcasted again to tens of millions of americans.

3. He swears that he is not running for president. Oh c´mon.

The Economist has also figured this out.


One Response to “Al Gore is not running for president”

  1. I am with you on this. The only thing less believable was watching Hillary run for Senate in 2006 and claim she hadn’t made up he mind if she was going to run for president…lol. What a joke.

    J. Kaiser

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