Everything´s gone green

January 31, 2007

So my first posting in 2007. It´s been ages since I wrote here. And as my PhD deadline approaches, posting may become even more seldom. Well let´s talk about good things.

One of my favourite North American authors is Douglas Coupland. I just found a link for one of his rare appearances on TV (at least they´re rare for me) and the trailer of his first ever movie called Everything´s gone green. I like him because he is just a few years older than me and he seemed to be exposed to lots of stuff that I sort of did too. And more impotantly he writes about that, which I don´t. There is this piece in his interview where he apparently does a performance. Dressed on a grey suit, he goes to the center of a blank scenario and picks out of his pocekt a black rag shaped as a circle. He places the rag on the floor and expects something to happen. I think someone old enough might remember the cartoon where bugs bunny did just like that. The rabbit disappeared through that rag, which turned into a hole.

Now not long ago I found out two small coincidences that I think it might be worth mentioning here. I started readingPaul Auster´s “New York Trilogy” and I found that the main character of the first story whose name is Quinn calls himself “Paul Auster” when he answers the phone a couple of times and someone insists to speak to some Paul Auster. So I thought, who else featured himself in his own book? Coupland did. In his latest novel he appears as Coupland the author. Just like the Quinn character is also a mistery novel writer in “New York Trilogy”. And the second small thing I found out: Paul Auster´s first story title is “City of Glass”, which again strikes me as being a non-fiction book by Douglas. So I suspect he is a big fan…

Coupland’s interview is here.

And Everything´s gone green trailer is here.


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