Artificial Artificial Intelligence

November 5, 2006

It´s already taking over the headlines: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos new baby is up and running. Amazon Mechanical Turk link companies and people willing to work in small tasks such as podcasts transcription, image classification for web sites, translation and more. To use a very 1990´s term: they are infomediaries, they centralize and mediate demand and offerings of jobs and skills.

Perhaps it was time to release something like that. With broadband skyrocketing, tens of millions of internet users in the US and the rest of the world, the web seems to be ready for new new things like the dreamers of the first boom expected to happen last century.

For now the site has not much content, only a few podcast transcriptions offerings and translation jobs. Just try to search for anything related to programming language Java (a very obvious candidate for this kind of service), same happens with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and less known Eclipse: no results. Only to remain in the IT field.

However this is Amazon folks. So you´d better watch it carefully. This thing can be a bust. But this thing can be just the next great thing, and not for Amazon alone. As copycats appear and get this meme running even faster, who knows what is going to happen to all the untapped talent that are spread all over to world waiting to be found?

ps: They should not be afraid of showing the Turk in their parent site… but as everything else these days, they´re still in beta. Yawn.


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