The king of Internet

October 9, 2006

No, it is not Google we are going to talk about it. No worries.

Today Cisco systems, the gigantic network infrastructure company started a marketing campaign that aims to change the perception that the general public has about Cisco, which is in fact almost no perception at all. During the last months Cisco marketing people conducted market studies and found out that their brand is not as familiar as the other big IT companies. As a result the company decided to invest US$ 100 million to build a more recognizable brand.

So today I could spot both CNN and The New York Times already showing the new ads from Cisco. “The Human Network” seems to be the motto of the whole face lift the company is pursuing. From what I saw the web campaign is supposed to be based on consumer generated media, which is the current mantra in marketing departments around planet Earth. The banners (how 90´s) lead to a web site, where the user is invited to read about the experiences of people who are using the network to do remarkable things and to share their experiences too. I tried to see some stuff, and it turns out that they have a few sites already, including Digg labs (!), (owned probably by Cisco), (never heard of it) and (ditto) among other little known internet pearls.

Quick quirky/funny fact: after clicking on each sample site you are not going to the site yet, but to a homepage where Cisco stresses that you are leaving their sacred corporate web site.


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