Corporate blog nightmare

September 27, 2006

German magazine Der Spiegel reports (site in German) that Siemens CEO Klaus Kleinfeld has been the target of nasty comments by Siemens employees in his own blog. His colleagues find obscene the fact that he has promoted a 30% raise for the company´s main executives. Here are some cool comments on “poor” Kleinfeld (translated from Spiegel´s article):

“Hi Mr. Kleinfeld, I’ve been asking myself for long now where people like you want to lead our society. Always more, more, more…”

“when I tell people where I work, I usually hear the same question: “And when are you going to be fired?”

“From your letter in June, 29th:”We must first make money before we spend it.” So I hope the 30% were already made.”

Hmmm…. It looks like the CEO is going to have a hard time this week. The press can be unforgivable and sometimes employees even more.


3 Responses to “Corporate blog nightmare”

  1. Well, I don’t blame the employees here! Did the regular employees get any kind of a raise while the CEO was proposing that 30% increase for execs? I’m glad the guy is being taken to task on his blog. I’d just like to see how he responds!

  2. vitorino said

    I agree with you. Maybe my last sentence has made you think I was criticizing the employees, so I changed the word “worse” for “more” in “employees can be even [more] instead of [worse] ;o)

  3. Goldmine said

    Siemens: Kommunikationsexperiment sorgt für super Stimmung

    Heute mal ganz was anderes…Spätestens jetzt bin ich mir sicher: Wer Blogs nach wie vor für irrelevant hält und meint, moderne Unternehmenskommunikation müsse sich nicht mit ihnen beschäftigen, verschließt die Augen vor der Realität. Microm…

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