Make your bets

September 19, 2006

Techcrunch reports that Pickspal entrepreneurs have found out some remarkable behavior in their community. It seems that a small crowd of users are having a high rate of correct answers in their picks (in a nutshell the site lets you pick from among possible outcomes a sport competition might have). So here is the site´s next deal: they will offer paid premium access to the information that these überexperts are providing. Hmmm… I want to see that. Some comments on this posting points out already to U.S. regulations not allowing this sort of thing, but I am not sure if this kind of regulation would apply to Pickspal.

Now an interesting idea would see this in another highly lucrative domain: how about emulate the site for stock markets experts? That could be just the right thing for guys like me, that lost a few hundreds bucks last time I thought I had come up with a hot stock. Is there any web 2.0 entrepreneur building this already? I wish there was.


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