Yet another Seth Godin book

September 18, 2006

Small Is the New Big: and 193 Other Riffs, Rants, and Remarkable Business Ideas

Yes, small is beautiful. Thanks to Amazon I just heard from this new new book from former Yahoo employee Seth Godin. It´s basically a compilation of his blog, plus two previously e-books. So it´s probably better just to browse through Godin´s free postings and see his presentations in google videos. At least this time he came up with one interesting idea: if you build it nicely, they will come. So basically he destroys the myths of old mass media, where companies have to buy tons of adds to raise above the clutter. What really matters, according to Seth, is to build something remarkable and then let people talk about it. I wouldn´t advise it as a panacea, but it´s pretty much what´s been going on since someone back in the nineties placed an order in

I suppose companies cannot and should not forget about their massive budgets for TV, magazines and all this stuff, but it´s about time to consider word-of-mouth and reputation as relevant and as important as big buck campaigns. Well, again this is as old as the invention of the wheel, but as marketers love to reinvent it, it´s just fine to be reminded of.


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