It´s make up time in Brazilian elections…

September 18, 2006

It´s election season in Brazil and as usual an army of marketing people get together to sell their products: the politicians themselves. Those marketers do anything to position their brands in the consumer´s mind, even if this takes a lot of make up and lying in the process. Candidates are like a brand new pair of sneakers or a diet pill: they must be shiny, they must convince, they must be real. The problem is that some of them give a hard time to all those fancy advertisement guys. They did not do their homework and keep slaves in their farms in the Brazilian countryside or US$ 200 million debts… Hmmm tough, but I am sure all those smart boys from PR, marketing and advertisement will figure out a way to save the day.

What about the people? Well they always can call customer service…

Afterthought: in case you want to have some fun try to use some of these techniques to spot a politician.


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